Defending Your Rights: Sacramento Cargo Collision Lawyer

Every year, thousands of people are killed and injured in large truck accidents. These crashes are more deadly than normal motor vehicle accidents because of the size and weight of commercial trucks. A top-rated truck accident attorney could help victims recover compensation for their losses. A skilled legal professional could handle all aspects of a case, including filing the insurance claim, preserving evidence, negotiating with the insurance company, and taking the matter to court when necessary.

A lawyer can also determine the cause of a crash. Truck accidents often occur because of driver error, such as distracted driving texting, talking on the phone, using apps, eating, or drinking. Poor maintenance or design, such as defective tires, can also lead to a collision. Other causes may include road conditions, weather, or environmental factors.

Trucking companies have several responsibilities when it comes to safety, including hiring qualified drivers and ensuring their vehicles are well-maintained. When the employer fails in these responsibilities, they could be held responsible for any subsequent truck accidents. A lawyer might request the trucking company’s hiring records and policies to establish liability through vicarious liability.

In addition to proving fault, a plaintiff in a truck accident lawsuit could seek punitive damages. These are designed to punish the at-fault party and deter others from engaging in similar behavior. A Sacramento truck accident attorney might help clients gather sufficient evidence to support this claim.

Wrongful death lawsuits may also be filed in cases where a loved one was killed in a truck crash. The victim’s family members can receive compensation for the loss of companionship, love, and support that they experienced. This can include funeral expenses, medical bills, loss of future financial support, and other related losses.

Sacramento Cargo Collision Lawyer could help a client pursue the full amount of their damages. A lawyer would file the insurance claim, keep track of all important deadlines, negotiate with the insurance company, and assist in deciding whether or not to accept an offered settlement. In the event that a settlement is rejected, a lawyer can take the case to trial and represent the client in front of a judge and jury.

Rana Law Office is a firm in Sacramento that offers legal services and representation to victims of personal injury and auto accident claims. The attorneys at the firm help clients settle claims for economic and non-economic damages caused by car accidents, truck accidents, and other motor vehicle collisions. Its attorneys have more than 22 years of combined experience and are fluent in English and Spanish.

A truck accident is a serious event that can result in severe injuries, fatalities, and property damage. A person who is hurt in a truck accident should seek medical attention immediately to ensure that their injuries are properly diagnosed and treated. After seeking treatment, they should contact a Sacramento truck accident lawyer to handle their case. The attorney could help them recover compensation for their medical expenses, pain and suffering, and other damages.