Planning a Swimming Pool Renovation

In a housing market where home values are increasing, homeowners are looking for ways to improve their homes and make them more appealing to potential buyers. One of the most popular upgrades that people do is to remodel their swimming pools.

However, while a pool upgrade is an excellent way to increase the value of your home, it is also a major undertaking and can take months of work to complete. This is why it is important to plan ahead and decide what kind of changes you would like to make to your pool.

The first step in planning a pool renovation is to consult with a professional. This will give you an idea of the cost and the types of changes you can make to your pool. You will need to determine whether you want to replaster your pool, replace the tile or add an addition to the swimming pool, such as a waterfall. Once you have discussed the ideas you have for your swimming pool, a professional can provide you with recommendations, design suggestions and product ideas.

Before starting your Swimming Pool Renovation, it is a good idea to look for inspiration online and on social media. Create a digital mood board of images that you like and use this to inspire your changes to the swimming pool. This will help you uncover what your style is and find inspiration for the swimming pool of your dreams.

Once you have the final design in mind for your swimming pool, you can begin to think about the construction process. This will be a big undertaking and will require a large amount of equipment. You will need to hire someone with experience in installing new pools and will need to ensure that the workers are licensed and insured.

A common mistake that many people make when planning a swimming pool renovation is to underestimate the cost of labor. The longer the renovation takes and the more extras you add, the higher the costs will be. This is because every day or return trip that the contractor has to come back for is an additional cost.

Another thing that people forget about when planning a swimming pool renovation is the cost of materials. Some materials, such as replastering and replacing the lining of the pool, are fairly expensive. However, other materials, such as steps and ledges, can be very inexpensive.

When planning a swimming pool renovation, you should also consider the condition of your pool shell. If the shell structure is in bad shape, then you may need to consider starting from scratch and casting a new shell or even removing the old shell completely and building a new pool.

If your swimming pool is in need of some serious TLC, it is best to start the renovation process in the spring or fall. This will give you time to complete the project before summer and it is also a better time to dig. The winter is not a good time to renovate your swimming pool as the ground can freeze and it will be difficult to get the work done.